Digital Nomads

Puerto Real is a fine destination for digital nomads where you will find good weather, high-speed internet connections, nature and sport, leisure and the best food

150 km

Of livestock trails, called Parque de las Cañadas, perfect for biking, running or hose riding

17.8º Cm

That is the average temperature in Puerto Real. Soft winters and mild summers

3000 ha

One third of the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park is located in Puerto Real

17.64 ha

Of a declared Historic and Artistic Site with an American taste you can’t miss


The Teatro Principal of Puerto Real, the second oldest in Andalucía, was inaugurated

Ten reasons

There are plenty of reasons to choose Puerto Real as your next destination; we will give you only ten of them, find out the rest by visiting us.


Climate in Puerto Real is warm and temperate. Rainfall concentrates during the winter months. Temperatures average 17.8 ° C and precipitation averages 609 mm.


Puerto Real is the home of one of the biggest national fibre nodes due to the fact that it binds some important submarine links that connect Europe with the USA, South and Central America, the West Coast of Africa and the Canary Islands.

That allows us to enjoy a super high-speed broadband Internet access.


We love food and Puerto Real is a mixture of tradition and modernity, sea and farm products; in Puerto Real restaurants, bars and cafeterias use the Old Town Market (the oldest in Andalucia, in use since the 18th century) as their particular grocery.

Around Puerto Real you can also enjoy the Michelin starred restaurant «A Poniente», only 10 minutes away from the city centre, and Cadiz’s enormous culinary offer.


Puerto Real’s history is tightly linked to America and the Atlantic commerce routes as during the 18th century the city became commercial hub for the interoceanic trade.

Come to discover its Historical Artistic Site, a singular rectilinear urban design which noticeable colonial feeling is the result of a shared history between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean. And enjoy the houses, their typical balconies, brilliant patios and magnificent Baroque ostionera stone façades.


Puerto Real conceals the most outstanding environmental values ​​of the Bay of Cadiz.

The city offers the possibility to enjoy numerous and diverse natural spaces to practice outdoor sports, bird watching or to carry out educational activities in unique environments of great quality, many of them recognized, both at national, European and Andalusian level.


You are going to love Puerto Real’s summer nights. Summer is the time for street music, theatre, circus, cinema, culture in a word. Or maybe to have dinner or just a drink on terraces that look over the sea.

Other locations that you can enjoy such as Cadiz, El Puerto de Santa María or Jerez are only a few minutes away.


The city is connected by train and bus to its neighbour cities, and it is located 20 minutes by road from cities such as El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, San Fernando or Cádiz.

Only 25 minutes separate Puerto Real from Jerez Airport, and one hour and 10 minutes from Seville Airport.


Puerto Real houses the University of Cadiz Campus, mainly devoted to technical degrees.

The Campus brings together six university centers: School of Naval and Oceanic Engineering, School of Marine, Nautical and Radioelectronic Engineering, School of Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences and Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences, in which a total of 22 degrees can be studied ascribed to the branches of knowledge of Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences and Engineering.


The industrial environment around includes a deep-rooted industrial activity in the aeronautical and naval sectors, with AIRBUS, Dragados Offshore and Navantia as the main companies in their respective sectors, and a notable development of the auxiliary industry.

The headquarters of the Advanced Manufacturing Center promoted by the IDEA Agency of the Junta de Andalucía, AIRBUS and Navantia is also located in Puerto Real.


Puerto Real is located at the center of the Bay of Cadiz,the main urban concentration of the South Atlantic coast of Spain. The Bay of Cadiz-Jerez de la Frontera axis is a conurbation of more than 600,000 inhabitants, the third in Andalusia.

The location of the municipality makes it a strategic point to be the connection node of Cádiz with the Northwest Coast, Jerez and the Guadalquivir Valley.

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