Gully network

The Quintessence

What would you give to find it?

The Red de Cañadas de Puerto Real is a 150-kilometer-long system of trails and paths among pines, mastic trees and wild olive trees, which runs through the heart of Puerto Real among crop fields, archaeological sites, resting places and cattle watering places; a space for sports and contact with nature.

Throughout our lives we search for the quintessence of things, their true nature, that perfect and ideal state. We invite you to discover it by entering the network of glens of Puerto Real.

150 kilometers of ravines, cords and trails, resting places and cattle watering places, surrounded by a rich flora and fauna. You can go running, cycling, horseback riding or walking, or connect the province of Cadiz with the “Corredor Verde Dos Bahías”, which connects Puerto Real and Los Barrios, the Bay of Cadiz with the Bay of Algeciras.

Historical corridors of great ecological and biological value, its importance lies in its ability to link different places for centuries, when the ranchers walked daily with their cattle along these beautiful roads.

Roads of exchange of stories, feelings and living beings throughout centuries of history that become engraved in the landscape in such a way that they can almost be seen and heard.

Kestrels, owls, owls, owls, scops owls, booted eagles, short-toed eagles, hedgehogs, dormice and mongooses, as well as a large number of stone pines, mastic trees and wild olive trees, inhabit this kingdom and give the landscape a benevolent and incredible strength.


Horseback riding

Horseback riding through the glens of Puerto Real, get in touch with nature in the most authentic way.


Bay connection

The two bays of Cádiz, Algeciras and Cádiz, are joined by the Dos Bahías corridor that connects Puerto Real and Los Barrios, and takes the path of history, transhumance and nature.


Human nature

The ravines are a human space, arteries of communication between peoples, towns, cultures and traditions, but they are also home to unique species of animals and plants. Come and discover them.

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